write with us!

Are you a member of the LGBT community and enjoy writing/blogging?  Interested in writing about the effects of labels?  Want to explore the intricacies of sex in the gay community? Or perhaps you want to talk about the search for love, and if you’ve found it, hows it’s the same or different from love in the heterosexual community?

Some of the topics we’re looking to explore: racial preferences in dating/dating apps, bottom shaming, exploring your sexual side, and of course – slinging labels at one another and what it all means.

If any of this sounds interesting, take a peek at the blog and get a sense for what we’re going for here.  Then, either leave a comment with your email address (all comments have to be approved by the administrator, so don’t worry – your email address wont be displayed in public) or shoot @justgngr a direct message on Twitter.