A Buzzfeed quiz and a tweet – that’s all it took to spark a conversation conversation on Twitter about sex, love, and labels in the gay community.  However, these open and honest conversations are often lacking in the real world among the “mainstream” gay community: conversations about sex beyond “top and bottom”, conversations about love beyond marriage equality and the heteronormative concept of love, and conversations about how our community’s self-prescribed labels can both divide and unite us.

And that’s why we are here.  We are here to foster these conversations and be an open space to discuss … well, whatever. We know these conversations are happening out there in pockets and in sub-cultures – we just want to have them out in the open.

We are certainly not experts.  We do not claim to know all.

As much as we are here to discuss, we are here to learn.  We may raise more questions than we answer.  And as such, we encourage open commentary.  If you want to write a guest commentary, add your email address or twitter handle to a comment and we’ll get in contact.  Don’t worry – all comments have to be approved so your info will be kept private.

And although the title says “gay”, this blog is meant to be inclusive of the entirety of the LGBTQI community.


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