Do We Still Need Pride?

You Think You Know

Wayne Dhesi published the following article on Huffington Post called “Do We Still Need Pride?” a few weeks ago.  It’s a valid question; after all, President Obama just yesterday declared June “LGBT Pride Month.”  It may make us think our work is done.

I guess the topic comes to mind for several reasons, mostly because my friends in Boston will be celebrating Pride this weekend, and here in New Orleans we will celebrate next week.  But yesterday’s airing of “The Fight Against AIDS” on CNN’s documentary series The Eighties and the documentary How to Survive a Plague are great reminders of a time when our community had to stand up, speak out, and act up to get the rights, recognition, and the dignity we so deserved.  That struggle continues today, especially for our trans brothers and sisters.  Perhaps need to celebrate Pride each year because we as…

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One thought on “Do We Still Need Pride?

  1. Agreed wholeheartedly. I’ve never even had the experience and am still In the closest. The mindset of some is atrocious and even my own mother would disown me if she knew how I feel, or about the first true love I had.
    I hate labels, and as for myself love is boundless between two hearts that just want the same love that straight couples enjoy. What’s the difference and why should it ever matter? But I suppose when your pursuit of happiness in a supposedly “free” society is thus, dictated by fear mongering idiots, what else do you do but fight for your basic and fundamental rights and freedoms that others enjoy to take full advantage of?

    Sometimes I just wanna go away because I can never seem to find the happiness I once had.


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