The thirst is real…

Curious what people think about this post on Cocktails and Cock Talk, There Isn’t a Sea Big Enough to Drown Out the Modern Epidemic of Thirsty Gay Men.

A little excerpt…

Listen, if you’ve got a good body and you put the hours in at the gym, then fair play to you, you should be proud of anything that you worked hard for. Nobody is crucifying anybody for a shameless selfie once in a Blue Moon. But it’s the endless rotisserie of near-naked desperation. Don’t you have anything to say? Where’s your voice?

2 thoughts on “The thirst is real…

  1. OUCH! That was a lot of pent up frustration getting put into print even with the disclaimer, but it also resonates with me and I hear what he is saying.


  2. I have to admit that I laughed a lot (I must have a twisted sense of humor) and also understood almost 100% of where this post is coming from.

    Listen, I’m no prude and have nothing against seeing a shirtless selfie. I also applaud people like Steve Grand who post a selfie in little swim trunks and basically told people to f*ck off when they commented on it being “too stereotypically gay.”

    But I also agree that there’s something off with guys who only post selfies in the “endless rotisserie of near-naked desperation” kind of way. As the author asks, don’t you have anything to say? Where’s your voice? Or are you just planning on letting your body do ALL of the talking?

    And ultimately… are you actually listening?


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