The Next Time You Hate on LGBT People

You Think You Know

Jan Albert Suing, a graduate student as well as a LGBT rights and social equality advocate, wrote the following Facebook post a little less than a year ago when same sex marriage became the law of the land thanks to the Supreme Court.  In light of professional boxer Manny Pacquiao’s recent controversial comments (read: outright horrible comments) regarding the LGBT community, Jan re-posted this open letter on Huffington Post, as a letter to Manny and any one else in the straight community who perhaps needs a little reading.

The next time you hate on LGBT people and call them an ‘abomination,’ remember how easy you have it compared to them who have to go through all oppression and pain and suffering just to get the same rights that you’ve been enjoying practically since you were born and never had to fight for.

The next time you hate on LGBT…

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