You do you

This is all kinds of brilliant.

For those of you who remember “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, veteran Kyan Douglas recently posted a rant on Facebook about “image shaming.” What a great way to silence your critics. We should all take this little gem of advice to heart.

Gentle rant alert: people, with some regularity, contact me here or comment about my weight- don’t lose too much, don’t gain too much, about my hair- wear it this way, not that way, my beard- shave it, trim it, grow it, my smile-smile more, take more shirtless selfies, etc etc. Don’t. What you’re doing amounts to a subtle form of image shaming. Knock it off. Love me, or not, the way I am. How I present myself is my call. You do you. The only person that could get away with telling me how to look or be is my mother and she’s dead. Nothing but love intended but we need to check ourselves my gay brethren. Hope you can receive this in the spirit it is intended- straightforward and kindly.

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