10 Signs He’s Worth a Second Date

Just before Christmas, David Artavia posted an article over at gayguys.com titled “10 Signs He’s Worth a Second Date.

I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who are single, have just had that first date and are thinking… do I ask him on date #2?  After all, not every date is going to be love at first sight.  Well… perhaps some of these might be helpful.

#1) Both of you ignore your phones unconsciously.

#2) Neither of you are looking at hot guys around you.

#3) You’re laughing authentically.

#4) He’s passionate about at least one topic.

#5) There’s something about him you want to see again.

#6) He cares about what’s going on the world.

#7) Conversation is flowing seamlessly.

#8) You don’t want to leave.

#9) He treats the server well.

#10) You’re able to find something you both either hate or love, and have a genuine exchange about it.

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