dating deal breakers?

Hey fellas and ladies – a friend recently posted on Facebook his top three dating “deal breakers”.  Things that you will not “deal with” or “compromise” on when dating someone.

So… what are your top 3 dating deal breakers?  And don’t worry – I’ll eventually add mine as well.

3 thoughts on “dating deal breakers?

  1. My Dating deal Breakers are.
    1) Racist: I do not care if someone say about not being sexually attracted to someone, every body has a type…. but generalizations Hate Speech and Racism in General. That is when I say bye.

    2) Cruel Humor: I thinks since I was a young gay man. I have really found a guy with a cruel since of humor unattractive. It is like Gay on Gay Bullying and belittling other gay men. I find it extremely unappealing.

    3) Guys who can’t Celebrate: I love the Holidays, Easter, Halloween, Gay Pride, Bear Weeks, 4th of July, Birthdays and of course Thanksgiving. It is a deal breaker for me when a guy gets really negative about celebrating,

    There is more l dislike but they are not necessarily deal breakers.


  2. ok here we go:
    1) smoking – instant turn off for me. Can be the hottest guy in the world but if he lights up, it’s all over.

    2) closed minded – not willing to see things from other people’s points of view or looking at people as stereotypes only.

    3) dirty/unclean – living in filth is not okay. there are things called showers and deodorant as well.


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