dating while gay

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard a young gay man or woman complain that he’s/she’s still single or that he/she can’t find a good guy/woman.

Ok, now hands down.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been that person.

Guilty as charged?

Gay or straight, dating is difficult stuff. No doubt about it.

For those of you who are currently single but dating/looking to be in a relationship – what frustrates you most about dating in the LGBT community?

For those of you currently in a relationship – does your significant other fit into your “type” or are they completely different from what you normally look for in a mate?

What I’m trying to suss out is if we get locked into this idea of a “type” or “perfect match” that we look past those who may actually turn out to be Mr or Mrs Right.

One thought on “dating while gay

  1. I’ve been in a relationship with same guy for almost 9 years. Before him, I typically went out with guys who were physically smaller than me, about 5 years on either side of my age, blue collar like me and similar education. He is taller than I am, 15 years older, far more sophisticated and educated, and white collar. So, I never would have paired us up. But over time, I have found that I’m more and more into guys like him. I guess he wasn’t my type, but my type has become him.


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